We are Franui, fresh raspberries covered in two types of chocolate.

The product

Fresh raspberries covered in two layers of chocolate, created more than 10 years ago in Patagonia by Diego Fenoglio. They come in two types, Franui with white and milk chocolate and Franui with white and dark chocolate.

Sensorial experience

The contrast between the freshness of the fruit and the creaminess of the double-layer chocolate cover makes it an irresistible combination for anyone, especially for those who want to experience something unique.


Original recipe from Patagonia, Argentina, made with raspberries coming from small farms that use regenerative methods, hand-picked and manually sorted at their exact ripeness and covered in the most exquisite chocolate.


Frozen raspberries IQF method, milk chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, cacao mass, milk powder, vanilla 0.1%, soy lecitin 1.5%), white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, cacao mass, milk powder, vanilla 0.1%, soy lecitin 1.5%).

Features and storing

The product is sold frozen and it should be left unopen outside the freezer for one hour before consuming it. Keep frozen at -18°C. If open refrigerate at 5°C up to 72 hs. Once unfrozen do not freeze again. Best consumed at 10°C. Expiry: 365 days from the manufacturing date.

Who we are

We are a family business of Italian ancestors who set up the first chocolate and ice-cream factory in South America in 1948.   Thanks to our quality, innovation and development of products such as Franui, the company has positioned itself as leader in craft chocolate and ice-cream in the region. 

Success stories

Franui is suitable for all ages and for all times of day, situations or places, to share or consume alone. It is easy to carry and store. One easily becomes crazy about the product. The communication relies on our community of followers on social media and the word of mouth, thanks to its amazing and unique taste.

Global growth

Do you want to bepart of this growth?

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